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Rosie Thomas 4-Book Collection: Other People’s Marriages, Every Woman Knows A Secret, If My Father Loved Me, A Simple Life

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A collection of four stunning ebooks from the author of the runaway bestseller, THE KASHMIR SHAWL.OTHER PEOPLE’S MARRIAGES: They were 'the five families' – the pleasant hospitable Frosts, the brash and sexy Cleggs, flirtatious Jimmy Rose and aloof Star, maternal Vicky and reliable Gordon Ransome, Michael Wickham and his perfect wife Marcelle


As Sadie confronts the truth about this family history, her relationship with her son Jack appears to be breaking down and she is intent on saving it

As their love affair threatens to blow her family apart, Jess finds herself in a desperate struggle to defuse a crisis that puts at risk all she holds dear IF MY FATHER LOVED ME Sadie's life is calm and complete

But now her father is dying

But when a chance encounter brings the past into sharp focus once more, Dinah realises she can no longer deny the truth

Hidden beneath the comfortable family life she shares with her successful husband Matthew and their two sons lies a shameful secret that has haunted her for fifteen years

In the course of a year from which none will emerge unscathed, they discover that you can never truly know the fabric of other people's marriages

Old friends, their lives are interwoven in a comfortable pattern, until rich, sophisticated and newly widowed Nina Cort returns

Perhaps not even of your own EVERY WOMAN KNOWS A SECRET What happens when you fall in love with the one person you shouldn't In the aftermath of a family tragedy, Jess Arrowsmith is powerless to resist her attraction to Rob, twenty years her junior, and the person she has reason to hate most in the world

She decides to risk everything her husband, her sons, her perfect lifestyle in order to claim what was always hers.

She is a mother, a good friend, and the robust survivor of a marriage she deliberately left behind

Then the arrival of a fleeting women from her father's past starts a train of events that even Sadie cannot control A SIMPLE LIFE Dinah Steward has a secret